Montgomery Francis "Monty" Monogram
Gender: Male
Age: in his 20s
Height: a bit less than Carl
Hometown: Danville
Nemesis: Dr. Doofenshmirtz
Professional Information
  Student of Military Service
Major: Military Service Degree
Friends and Family
Major Monogram
Ms. Monogram
Terry Monogram (replacement brother)
Hannah Sweetwater (sister)
Ivan Ivanov
Love interests:
Vanessa Doofenshmirtz
Pets: Perry the Platypus
Adyson Sweetwater
Cameron Sweetwater
Marty Sweetwater (brother-in-law)
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  Phineas and Ferb episode: "Minor Monogram"
Voiced by:
Seth Green

Montgomery Francis Monogram or Monty for short, is Major Monogram's son, he is a student of Danville College as his father was, he is the best friend of Carl since the second of his spin-off. Francis is like his father, often is very funny and uses expresions like "o'er" making Carl get angry. He is replaced by none other than Terry Monogram.

Physical appearence

He is physicaly like his father but he has no moustache and has brown hair and lighter eyes


He is weird and extravagant, very funny and often seems that he lives in a parallel world, but, when the situation needs it, he can be one of the best friends ever.


After years of working in London, Francis decided to return to the States and ending his military service there, he ended in Danville college when he turns Carl's best friend.


Carl: They get on very well, they are best friends and confidents

Alex: They are great friends

Coltrane: they get on well

Louis: He is one of the many best friends of Monty.

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