The stores in the Starlight Supernatural Mall are creating an annual Mall Fashions Show. Amy and Puciara battles on who gets the prize.


Amy was working in the Strawberry Barn. She then went to the Starlight Supernatural Mall, finding out there is an annual Mall Fashions Show. She called Isabella. Isabella is on the way. Puciara appear with her sideclones Trish and Tiya. Amy uses her strawberry whistle to gather Isabella and their own troops. Puciara growls. Amy then signed up and Puciara followed. The fashion designer had to pick which the model have the best clothing and will be awarded a trophy, $100, 000, 000, and a grand prize: A free forever-valid credit card, and the Tutti Frutti Collection to be kept. Amy wants to win them and show her new looks to impress Gunther. Puciara then later wants to win so that she will lead as a snob! Amy ordered the troops, Isabella, her sisters and Tess, Candace, Stacy, Gaston Le Mode, Mr. Baron Moda and all fashion designers to design her outfit and never quarrel. Puciara then sews her own along with the help of Tiya, while Trish is going to sign a contract she won. Amy shows the design wearing an fruit inspired outfit: A pink shirt, a lime skirt, orange shoes, lemon yellow earrings, grape necklace, and a charm bracelet choosing what item Amy wants to buy. Puciara came in a red sundress and crystal flats. Trish entered the contest too! She is wearing an all honeymoon ensemble. The judges declare Amy is the winner, Trish is the runner up, and last place goes to Puciara. Amy got the trophy, accepts the check, claimed the card and got the big package of the collection. So they all become friends with Amy and they enjoyed a fashion banquet. Amy is now wearing a strawberry sundress instead of the shirt and skirt during the banquet. Puciara gets mad, and betrayed Trish for entering the contest. Trish then becomes friends with the gang and is now able to be nominated to become an official employee of Phineasland.


  • Quirky Worky Song


  • Phineas is not a main character in the episode, yet he helped make Amy's outfit. He also shared a banquet with her.
  • Holly, Dolly, Gwen, Milly and Tess appear in this episode, but have no lines. The ones called(except Isabella) only said "Yes, we will obey you, Princess Amy, Her Cuteness!".
  • This marks the second appearance of Trish and the first appearance of Tiya.
  • Puciara appears yet again.


  • The fashion attempts continue again.("Runaway Runway")

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