Madjuan is the main protagonist in the fanfic The 2 New Students. He is voiced by himself.

Role in The 2 New Students

Madjuan's role in the 2 New Students is simple, but complex. He and his best friend, Christian (nicknamed Chicken) meet Phineas and Ferb when they go to his school. Along the way, Madjuan gets to know Phineas better and better. At the end of chapter 2, it is revealed that that Madjuan's mortal enemy, Leroy, is in pursuit of the 4 friends. In chapter 3, Leroy's confrontation, Leroy almost paralizes Phineas by bear hugging him. Then, when Isabella and friends come to the rescue, Leroy and his team are defeated and they flee. The chapter ends with Madjuan greiving for his new friend and Isabella crying for Phineas. however, in chapter 4, phineas wakes up, to madjuan and isabella's relef. as the chapter moves along, madjuan, chicken, phineas, ferb, baljeet, buford, and isabella all grow closer to each other. later in chaper 5, caitlin comes back and battles madjuan. she is killed by falling into a saw. later in chapter 6, justin tries to get all the students in trouble, but mr. monks stops him. in chapter 7, phineas gets his chest pain back, but it goes away soon afterwards. phineas is then ambushed by leroy in the locker room, and is captured. durring the night, leroy goes and siphones all the gas from the busses. learning of leroy's plan, madjuan and ferb build a bi-plane to get to school. ferb builds a "auto land" feature, which, when pressed, the bi-plane heads back to the airstrip it was originally on. madjuan and ferb skydive into the school. madjuan has problems whith his parachute not opening, and while he struggles to open it, his crush, Dawn Berlitz, also a new girl, sees him falling. madjuan finaly gets it open and he lands safely. he announces to leroy that the group of friends will stop him, no matter what. which he encoureges doing so. phineas is ultumaitly brainwashed, to a more mean and darker version. leroy says that he wins and that there is no way to revert phineas back to his old self. madjuan see's dawn, and she tells him to get phineas back, look into the real phineas. madjuan thinks of something, and orders his friends to build a stage. later that night, the group of friends paly phineas's favorite song "moneytalks" by AC/DC. he remembers the song and goes back to normal. leroy is taken to the detention center, much to madjuan's delight. howerver, 5 weeks later, leroy would return...

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