Future Flynn Family
Lynnette Flynn is the second oldest out of Phineas and Isabella's three children. She is one year younger then her older brother, Adrian, and a few years older then her little sister, Julia. Lynnette is very much like Candace, sometimes, not alot in her personality,
Lynnette Flynn
[[Phineas and Isabella's kids|250px]]
Lynnette is the girl on the far left






11 or 12 (not confirmed.)


Phineas Flynn, (dad) Isabella Flynn, (mom) Adrian Flynn, (brother)Julia Flynn, (sister)

Hair color:


Eye color:

Navy Blue


Student, (on vacation)

Her best friend, is Jasmine Patel. Lynnette is a very pratical girl, and very mature for her young age. She tends to be realistic and very calm.


 Lynette lives in Danville on Maple Drive with her family. She frequently participates in her cousin's invention, assisting in construction and maintaining order. She is considered not only a leader, but a great friend. Lynette is the second and the first daughter of Isabella Garcia-Shapiro and Phineas Flynn, the older sister of julia and younger sister of adrian


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