Phineas' Journal 2/10/12

Me and Ferb went outside today with Isabella and we saw moving vans, and a lot of them. Then after the moving vans, a black mini van, and a kid around our age steps out. "I'll go meet some other kids my age while the moving men unload mom." The boy says. We walk over slowly, the boy smiles gently. "Hello, my name is Victor, my mother, father, my two sisters and I just moved from out of the Tri-state area, and who might you be?" He says. He looks at Isabella while he said it too. "I'm Isabella, that's Phineas and that's Ferb." Isabella says. Victor takes Isabella's hand and kisses it. "Well it's very nice to meet you all. Isabella, has anyone told you your eyes are like diamonds? Because, if not I am the first." Victor says with a laugh. Isabella smiles and then Victor walks away. We walk back. "Maybe I should go on a date with Victor, it could make Phineas jealous." Isabella says to herself. Isabella runs towards the new house. "Victor, would you like to go out?" Isabella says. "Why of course, how about moonlight picnic on the 11th?" Victor smiles "Great." Says Isabella.

Later that day I went around the new house I could hear Victor screaming from his room. "Perfect, taking Isabella into my vampire army to take over the Tri-state area is genius!" I tell Ferb afterwards. "I can't let this happen, I like Isabella and the Tri-state area help me you guys!" So Ferb, Baljeet, Buford and I gather the basic vampire killing tools garlic, a wooden stake, and a special sun flashlight Ferb made.


Okay, it's about 8 o' clock which means Victor and Isabella are walking to the park. We grab our tools and run. We catch up to Victor. "Give up with the plot Victor we got you surrounded!" Me and the other vampire hunters scream. "Never!" Victor yells. Victor starts to attack me. "Catch!" Baljeet cries throwing me the flashlight. Before I cross from mortal to immortal I use the flashlight killing Victor. Ferb, noticing I am now a vampire gets his travel chemistry kit out and mixes a formula to cure me. After I'm cured Isabella kisses me. "My hero!" She screams.

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