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Lona Flynn is Candace's daughter. Her real mother might be Isabella though, as she resembles Isabella as a kid. She wears a skirt and a tee shirt that is pink. She has a purple bow.


  • Lilly Berten
  • Jack Flynn (stepbrother)
  • Millie Bertenberger
  • Zeke Noth

Appearances and References

Around the World in 1 hour

Meme Pass Peur

Its Not the End!

Backyard Beach Party (cameo)

Its So Real!

The Flynn Family Tree

Isabellas Birthday


Forever Summer the Movie


and more?



Candace Johnson

Loves her and she knows she's not her real mom

Jeremy Johnson

Likes him and she knows he's not her real dad

Cool Facts

Lona sings really good

She is voiced by Alyson Stoner

Knows how to make Barbie dolls

Loves Bango Ru dolls




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