Patrica and Florence get roles for Annie and their friends also get roles.,But things get very far when their producer and theather manger Mrs.Snooty makes them do lame stuff.So they must get away to prep the production up.Meanwhile Doofshirmitz plans to get rid of child actors and Perry must defeat him,but undercover as Sandy the dog.Also Mindy is in the cast and Candace (who is the stage manger and Mrs.Haggins) must find a way to get rid of her


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  • Tommrow
  • Hard knock life (normal version)
  • Life Of The Theather (L.O.T.T)
  • Hard knock life (pop respire)

Running gag

Too young line

  • Theather guy:Hey are't you too young to be a stage manger?
  • Candace:Yes,Yes I am

Ferb's line

And Annie brought peace and love to the world.The End

Florence's line

  • Your gonna keep dancing until your even better than Britteny Spears
  • [Hard knock life]

Watcha' doin

Said by Phineas,then later Isabellea

Florence's screaming

[When she flew across the stage]

Fireside girls patch

Acting patches

Perry's entrance to the liar

Thorugh a musical theather style

Memorable quotes

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Background info.

  • [coming soon]


  • 2nd time they used Annie or the song since Season 5's Phineas and Ferb go to the movies
  • Perry uses the same fake dog ears sinces Got game?
  • Grethcen,Adyson,and Milly also sang as The Ferbettes,while they also recived roles as The Boylan sisters (Flop Starz)
  • Re-appernce of Julie and Amy
  • [more coming soon]


  • Little Miss Broadway:The plot and the title is a spoof of the movie.The theather is also named after star Shirley Temple who is Patrica's role-model.
  • Annie:The musical is performed at the theather
  • Broadway Kids:The Shirely Temple Theather is simlair to the Broadway kids
  • Les Misérables:When Patrica says "Is this Annie or The Miserables" it is a refrence to the musical
  • Jane Eyre:It was mentioed that Florence played Jane in the school's production of the musical.
  • The Sound of Music:When Patrica "Oh come on do we have to do this like The Sound of music!" is a refrence of the musical and even the song Do-Re-Mi".


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