Lana: Ello, future faliures of America!

Ferb: Well, aren't you positive?

Lana: Yes, yes I am.

Emily: So, what are we doing here again? Lana: Q&A sessions! Although, we need Disneygirl94 to answer for Emily.

Emily: Ok then.

Ferb: What about other people?

Lana: Possibly later. Anyway, rules!

1. No stupid questions.

Ferb:........... That's it? Just 1 rule?

Lana: I don't like rules!

Emily: And by stupid questions you mean...?

Lana: FAQ.

Both: Ah...

Lana: So, I guess we're done here!

Ferb: Now what?

Lana: We wait.

Both: Hooray....

Lana: Oh, get over it. Au revoir, peasants!


Lana: Yay, first question! *ahem* To me and Ferb: How would you describe your relationship together?

Ferb: Great. Wonderful. Stuff like that.

Lana: Oh, come on, there's more to it than that!

Ferb: Then you answer some of it.

Lana: Fine, I will. As you can see, it's like a regular, normal brother/sister relationship.

Ferb: *sneaks up behind Lana with a pillow*

Lana: Well, somewhat normal... *grabs another pillow out of nowhere and beats Ferb with it*

Ferb: Ah! Help! Stop! Pain! Didn't we just go through this!? Gah!

Emily: Yay, pillow fight! *grabs another pillow out of nowhere*

Lana: Ok, ok, let's get back to another question! My goodness! Ok, to me: Lana, how does it feel not seeing your bro in like forever? That must be really hard.

Ferb: Ah, this should be interesting. Anyone got any popcorn?

Lana: Well, it was harder on me than it was him because I knew before he did. I didn't really remember anything until Mother told me about it. But I think it's awesome that we're together now!

Emily: Awww, that's sweet.

Ferb: You know it.

Lindsay (me!): *comes out of nowhere* Ello, Clairice!

Emily: Who's Clairice?

Lana: Heck, I don't know.

Ferb: What are you doing here anyway?

Lindsay: Well, you are all part of my imagination, so I can come here anytime I want to.

Ferb: Oh, dear Lord....

Lindsay: Get over it. If it weren't for me, you'd be sister-less!

Lana: Don't take your anger with him out on me! Make the badness go away! I'll be good, Mommy! I promise....

Emily: Uh, ok. Awkward and random.

Ferb: You're tellin' me.

Lana: Whoops, we're all out of time!

Lindsay: Au revoir, peasants!


Lana: More questions! To me, how's your relationship with Emily?

Emily: Yeah, how is your relationship with Emily?

Lana: Well, let me start off by saying- We are totally like sisters!

Emily: You bet we are!

Ferb: I think that answers that question quite clear.

Lindsay: *giggles* I love it when you talk all scientific-y.

Ferb: Um, I don't think that was scientific.

Lindsay: Everything you say is to me. *stares at dreamly*

Ferb: Ok then..... *mouths to Lana and Emily* Help me!

Lana: Alright, back off, Lindsay. Give the man some space.

Ferb: She's breathing in my air! My personal air that I breathe!

Emily: You can't own air.

Ferb: When you got a crazed girl next to you, ya do!

Lana: Let's just get out of here before it gets out of hand. Au revoir, peasants!

Emily: What is with the peasants thing?

Lindsay: My own personal good-bye! Me and Lana share it since I made her to look like me.

Lana: You what now?!

Lindsay: Yeah, you were made to look like me, but somehow the first drawing I made of you ended up being it's own character. Thus, creating you and the story.

All: Ohhhh....

Lana: Yeah, and it's not insulting people, really. It's just a personal good-bye.


Lana:  Questions rock! Ok, to me: What would you say/do/think if Ferb and Emily started dating... WHAT THE HECK?!

Ferb: ...... Well? What would you say/do/think?

Lana: I would say "Wow!" do something crazy, like, inject myself to make sure I'm not dreaming, and think "Oh, my God. Oh, my God."

Emily (sarcastically): You're so positive.

Lindsay: Ooh! To Ferb: Does Lana know about Vanessa? This should be good.

Lana: No, no I don't. Who is this "Vanessa"?

Ferb: Uh......... Who asked this question?! That's personal stuff!

Lindsay: This Q&A thing is supposed to be about sharing personal stuff, Smart One.

Ferb: Fine. Vanessa is a 16 year-old goth girl that I have a crush on.

Emily: You what now?!

Ferb: I may get over it! But not with everyone yelling at me constantly!

Lindsay: Ah, take it like a man.


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