Sora, Donald and Goofy land in Danville in their journey to stop the evil Heartless. They meet Phineas and ferb building a roller coaster, and they guide them to the next keyhole in the googoplex mall. However the Heartless sense Candace's jealousy and hate of the boys, and turns her into a Heartless. A dark powered Candace kidnaps all the kids in the neighborhood, including Isabella, Baljeet, and Buford and sends the Heartless after Phineas and Ferb.

Then phineas and Ferb sell candace: Candace please stop, and her mom sees her daughter turned into a monster, Sora changes into Final Form and defeat candace heartless and sees his heart flying in the sky, the city is save but phineas start to cry Sora says: dont worry Phineas if I found her nobody i destroy them and your sister will be reborn.

Later Sora discovers Isabella is the next princess of heart and uses his light to revive Candace, but 3 days later a new girl appears in the city its very similar to candace but with 2 or 3 differences, its Candace Nobody: Danxcea, she cant remenber her past but when she is Phineas, she reconoce them.

Then Sora try to destroy Danxcea but she has Ghost Powers, later Danxcea sees Jeremy and talk to him, Sora attack Danxcea and Destroy them later Candace Reborn as a Good person.

This is the end By gustavo72993

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