Hello this is the author of Yuna,Phineas,and Stitch!, this is my 2nd episode of my show!!!! Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!! And remember Ichariba Choodee(meet once cousins forever!!!!!)

Yuna was doing karate with Stitch in the forest with Kijimuna(watch the show on youtube to find out who he is)as Phineas watches admireringly.

When Yuna did her last move Phineas walked up to her ,which was a bad move because Phineas was right in front of her when she kicked her leg as high as she could,kicking Phineas in the chin,and unconscious.

Phineas woke up still in the forest but resting in Kijimuna's house.

Kijimuna was cooling Phineas down by waving a leaf over him.

"Hey Phineas,are you feeling better?" Yuna asked sheepishly.

"A little bit."Phineas said.

"Oh but before you kicked me in the face i meant to ask you something!" Phineas remembered.

"Sure! Anything!"Yuna answed.

"Those moves you were doing,were awesome! What were you doing?"Phineas asked.

"Oh well thank you,and i was doing KARATE!!!!!!!"Yuna said flashing of a pose.

"Oh well,maybe you could teach me karate!"Phineas suggested.

"YES!!!!!! ABSALOUTLY!!!!!!! I WOULD LOVE YOU TO!!!!!!!!!!!" Yuna screamed at the top of her lungs hugging Phineas to death(as you know how anime when people have a cetain expression ,anywys Phineas had the swirly eyes).

"I mean......if you want to." Yuna said sheepishly calming down.

"I would love to." Phineas said.

"Yeah!!!!!"Yuna cried along with Stitch.  


"Phineas welcome to our dojo

what this you guys phineas ask yuna

that is the dojo when we train karate you be great in are class yuna said.

cool phineas said.

now bow down like this yuna said as she and stitch bow down.

so phineas bow down like she said.

good phineas said yuna.

now do a body stand said yuna .

both stitch and yuna said ha

phineas do the same thing ha\'

wow phineas you not so bad for your first day.

yea phineas / stitch yelled happly.

phineas laugh little bit thanks.

just then yuna friends walk in trio jj tombo and office ziookey.

wow said trio.

master yuna who is he/ said office ziookey.

everyone i welcome are new classmate his name is phineas flynn

he from danville usa. said yuna.

hi phineas said.

wow i never met a american person before hi my name trio

nice to met you said phineas.

MEANWHILE IN SPACE ferb was still looking for phineas but he can t fine him anywhere but he not alone tom jerry pilachu and his pokemon friends along with candance and there pet platypus perry.

then the spacecift was low on gas but as last they made back to earth save.

finally candace said.

you slound phineas land in a japan island tom said.

yes yes i did ferb said


meanwhie toaruo was playing his game until penny and her crew step in

yo toarruo still stuck on dookit level 1 kenny said.


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