Karen Angelina " Kari" Sanson is the fourth counterpart of Isabella. Her real name is Ching.

Her voice actress is the same one who voiced her in the spinoff series Pucca Funny Love.

Present Life

Kari sees a boy named George Filon and flirts with him. And sees his sister named Angelica Filon. Kari can now become the beautiful girl in George's team! She also met two boys, Trevor and Theo.


Isabella, Nova and Casey

Kari was a very best friend of the girls. When Kari sees Phineas, she grows jealous of his stepbrother's jaggy cans. Isabella and Nova were the only characters who finds Kari wearing a jaggy can headpiece. Casey was the best friend of Kari.

George Filon

Kari was in love with George, and finds his stepbrother, Greg Fleccaler. Kari was daydreaming of being in Georgeland, a nod to Phineasland.

Greg Houston and Angie Filon

Kari mentionly witnessed normal relationships with Greg and Angie.

Phinegang, Other Elemental Troops and Baljeet Team

Kari was witnessed by these troops, except for Isabella, Nova and Casey's troops.

The Ninjaside Girls

Kari was good friends with the Ninjaside Girls, Nai, Tolly, Nillia, Macy, Galangelle and Gamine. Nai is revealed as a Saltearth by the others. Kari wears her uniform often.

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