Jerica Jones


Same as Jeremy






Parents, Sidney (brother), Adam (future husband), Alexandra (daughter),Fran (daughter), Almo (son), Flynn-Fletchers/Johnsons/Verleans (extended family)

Hair color:


Eye Color:

light blue

1st appearence:

Mistakable Love

Jerica Jones is Dee-dee's American cousin. She is a beautiful teenage girl with long blonde hair, who Adam seems to be fond of at the end of "Mistakable Love". It was even seen they got married and had 3 kids: 2 girls named Alexandra & Fran and a son named Almo who are counterparts to Candace and Jeremy's children Xavier, Fred, and Amanda in "The Phinettes STRIKE AGAIN!!!!". She is voiced by Bridgit Mendler as a teen and Leigh-Allyn Baker as an adult, who both worked on "Good Luck Charlie".

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