Jeremy and the Incidentals is the band led by Jeremy Johnson. They performed at the Teen World Summer Festival in "Best Lazy day ever". In the second episode of Wizards meet Phineas and Hannah Montana, Justin joins the band and they perform on the American Idol results show. The members of the band all appeared to be happy and loving Teenagers. In the 2014 film, they compete in The Battle of the bands


The band consists of four members, one of whom is currently unnamed.

Jeremy Johnson

He is the lead vocalist of the band, but he plays bass too. He also seems to be the leader, due to the name of the band.


Coltrane is a love interest to Stacy Hirano. Coltrane is the band's guitarist.

Justin Russo

He traveled to a new dimension with his siblings Max and Alex. He became the keyboardist and a vocalist of the band.


The band's drummer. The drummer of the band is a brown haired boy who little is known about. His name is revealed to be Benjamin, according to Manta-bee.


  • Best Lazy day ever

Wizards Meet Phineas and Hannah Montana

They perform in the American Idol results.

Phineas and Ferb 2:the Ferbquel

They compete with Phineas and the Ferb-tones,The Phinettes,etc. in the tri-state area's Battle of the bands

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