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Gender: Female
Age: 17
Nationality: American
Hometown: Danville
Born: July 27, 1995
Professional Information
Friends and Family
Beppo Brown, III (dad)

Brandi Brown (mom)

Django Brown
Beppo Brown, II (Deceased) and Nancy Brown (via her father Beppo)

Danny and Becky Gomez (via her mother Brandi, Both Deceased)

Mandy Williams
Love interests:
Mandy Williams
Hampshire Brown
Sophia and Alyson Brown
Aunts and Uncles:
Tisha and Nick Houston, and Beatrice and Eric Gilliso (via her mom Brandi)
Sara Houston
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "Lawn Gnome party of terror"
Voiced by:
Alyson Stoner

Jenny is one of Candace and Stacy's friends.

The Song of Flames

Jenny is a protagonist in the fanfic. She befriends the legendary Pokemon Virizion three years after Doofenshmirtz becomes the emperor of Danville thanks to Darkrai and Zekrom.


Here, she is Irving and Albert's Sister

Jenny With a Chance

She Is The Main Character Of Her Own Show Jenny With a Chance. This spin-off series will follow Jenny Brown as she gains stardom for her work with the enviorment; especially her mission to Save the Pigeons. Due to her newfound fame Jenny along with her two best friends Stacy Hirano and Candace Flynn has moved to Downtown Danville for the summer so she can host her own Enviormental Talk Show.

Total Drama WorldWide (Phineas and Ferb Cast)

Jenny was playing a rather normal game. She was one of the few supporters who wanted Candace,. She lost when Phineas and Candace were immune and she was seen as no use in Korea

The Adventures of Irving and Friends

She was one of Albert's Love interests, but she started dating Coltrane in Love, Danvillian Style

Camp Phineas Series

In "Stacy's Secret", Stacy was jealous of Jenny because she was hanging out with Candace. In "Candace's Lie" and "Candace the Nerd", she is dating Coltrane. Django is her brother.

The Stacy Hirano Show

In the Stacy Hirano Show Jenny attends Danville Community College with her best friends Stacy Hirano and Candace Flynn. Jenny studies Enviormental Science. Jenny has no idea though that Stacy has been recruited by Carl the Intern to be part of a Secret Spy organization made up of teen secret agents.


Candace Flynn

Jenny is Candace's second best friend after Stacy. They get along. In the canon episode, "The Phineas and Ferb Busters", she mentioned that she wanted Candace to stop busting her brothers.

Stacy Hirano

Jenny is Stacy's second best friend. They get along.


In "Love, Danvillian Style" and the "Camp Phineas" series, they are boyfriend and girlfriend.

Django Brown

In some fics and the series it self, Django is Jenny's brother.


They both share class in "Carl: College Years", they are friends but Jenny is often tired up of Carl's nerd things, She is, sometimes, Carl's counselor and advicer.

Rikimaru Kusanagi

They are couple in "Carl: College Years"


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