The youngest of Thaddeus and Jessebel's children. Despite being awkward, he is Thaddeus' most favored child, for he is the only child in the family with extraordinary building skills. Constantly pressured by his father to become better than the Flynn children, James trys to live up to his expectations. He has a crush on Phineas's daughter, Julia Flynn, but due to their family rivalry, they have agreed to be friendly enemies.


Julia Flynn: Understands James, and knows that all James wants to do is have fun and be is a "normal" child. James has a crush on her, and at first Julia doesn't notice this because she is extremely oblivious like Phineas was. She then figures it out, and somewhat likes him too.

Lynnette Flynn: Is supicious of James, and keeps a close eye on him. Until she discovers that James cares for Julia, she doesn't like him very much.

She doesn't want James to hurt Julia, (which she thinks).

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