Isabella: whatcha doin'?

Crystal: whatcha doin'?

Phineas: I'm making blueprints for a laser.... Inator,I dunno why, I just have a feeling it'll help us someday.

James (agenst the tree): im making a- *falls into Perry's lair*

Monogram: Go Perry.............A BOYS IN THE LAIR!

  • Perry hides*

James: cool battle-suit, major 4000gigawat sensor tv, hover-jet, a lot of spy stuff.

  • James finds Perry*

James: Perry?

Perry (with spy hat): *gulp*

  • Brandon taps on something and pops back to Phineas*

Phineas: where did you go?

James: Perry's a secret agent!

Phineas: Ferb, get the shovel, james has gone insane again.

Isabella: is that it? *points to a shovel*

Phineas: where did James go this time?

  • everyone looks for james*

James (on the street): where is Baljeet?

Baljeet: hello James?

James: whatcha doin', hey, I just sounded like Crystal and Isabella


Doof: where's Perry the platypus? Wait, is that Planty the potted plant? *Planty hits Doof*


James: soooooo, what ARE you doing?

Baljeet: hiding from Isabella and Phineas.

James: why?

Baljeet: I stole one of phineas' blueprints.

James: *grabs the blueprints*

Baljeet: man.

James: -_- why would you steal a blueprint?

Baljeet: *lots of pointless tech talking about a portal to venus*

James: to much info!

Crystal: whatcha talking about?

James: Crystal and Isabella are behind me, aren't they?

Baljeet: Crystal is, and Isabella's coming with the fireside girls.

James: do you mind distracting them while I run away?

Baljeet: ok. *distracts 'em*

  • James runs away*

  • James falls in a hole and lands in Perry's lair again*

Monogram: HE'S BACK!

Perry: *chatters*

James: uuuuuuuummmmmmmmmm

  • James wakes up from a dream*

Phineas: *yawns* what woke you up James?

James: *looks around* hmm, I'm not crazy after all.

Ferb: what is he talking about?

Phineas: I don't know ferb *yawns* but let's go eat some breakfast.

James: oh there you are perry.

Perry: *chatters*

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