Kind of first kiss by PhineasFerbTones
Phineas: So, Isabella, how did that feel?

Isabella: So...perfect!

Isabella: I can't believe

This happened to me.

Phineas: I'm so happy, I could cry-y-y. But I don't know why!

Both: It finally happened and I'm as happy as can be-e-e-e!

Isabella: I know it seems

Like a dream...

Phineas: But I assure you, you're awake!

The kiss wasn't fake!

Both: I've been waiting for

Oh so long!

And now here it is!

Phineas: It finally happened!

Isabella: It finally happened!

Both: And now I'm in love....

With you!

(song ends)

Isabella: Well, it's late. I have to go home now. Don't ever forget this happened. (kisses Phineas quickly on the lips and leaves)


  • Isabella kisses Phineas and leaves, just like Baljeet did with Wendy. ("Christmas Vacation")
  • The line "I'm as happy as can be" is from "Happy Evil Love Song", and when they sing it, Phineas is dressed like Doofenshmirtz and Isabella as his unnamed girlfriend from "Chez Platypus"

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