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"I'm really nice."

Isabelle Garcio-Shapira is essentially the opposite of Isabella Garcia-Shapiro.

Isabelle Vendetta Caden Heloise Dacey Kairi Bayan Lelia Cordelia Anaxandra Eleanor Prudencia Asaka Treva Keegan Cicada Clothilde Miri Garcio-Shapira
Gender: Female
Age: 10
Born: September 7, 2000
Friends and Family
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  A Very Dramatic and Sappy Story


Greedy and mischievous, Isabelle is a mean girl who only is nice to people when it means she gets something in return. She is clever and cunning, not in a good way, and can always get her way, no matter the risks or vendettas in its aftermath.

Physical appearance

&nbsp Isabelle happens to look a lot like Isabella, which fits, as she is the anti-Isabella. She wears a maroon 'Isabella' outfit. She has brown hair and blue eyes.

Later on, she gets hair extensions and wears gray skinny jeans and a maroon t-shirt with the Hollister logo on it.

Isabelle Garcio Shapira

Isabelle by User:Tpffan5196


Phineas Flynn

She messes around both Phineas and Ferb, and doesn't really care whose hearts are broken along the way.

Isabella Garcia-Shapiro

Isabelle humiliates Isabella the first time they meet, and Isabelle proceeds to flirt with Phineas in front of Isabella, causing Isabella to dislike Isabelle.

Ferb Fletcher

She messes around both Phineas and Ferb, and doesn't really care whose hearts are broken along the way.


Isabelle's multiple middle names mean mostly the same things:

  • Vendetta: A vendetta is a feud or fight between two groups.
  • Caden: Fighter. American origin.
  • Heloise: Famous fighter. French origin.
  • Dacey: From the South. Irish/Gaelic origin.
  • Kairi: No description provided. Japanese origin.
  • Bayan: Clear in meaning. Arabic. (Note: Clear in meaning here means not having tact.)
  • Lelia: Clan name. Latin origin.
  • Cordelia: English origin: 'Shakespeare portrays Cordelia as a woman... of rare honesty.'
  • Anaxandra: No exact meaning. Greek origin.
  • Eleanor: Bright one. French origin. (But since when is Isabelle bright?)
  • Prudencia: Prudent. American origin.
  • Asaka: No description provided. Japanese/Australian origin.
  • Treva: Female form of Trevor, 'great settlement'. Welsh origin.
  • Keegan: Small flame. Irish/Gaelic origin.
  • Cicada: Loud insect of the night. Greek origin.
  • Clothilde: Loud battle. French origin.
  • Miri: Sea of bitterness. Hebrew origin.


  • Isabelle lives on Black Brook Road.
  • In the future, her daughter Darcy is adopted.
  • Isabelle's conscience appears in the form of a small black cat.
  • She could have been related to the founder of Danville, but through a divorce, she was cut from the founder's line. Which is good, because she probably would have taken over the city by now.
  • She likes Twilight. Clearly, something's wrong with her.
  • She is voiced by Alyson Young.
  • She is a vegan.


A Very Dramatic and Sappy Story (first appearance)
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Empire State of Sadness, Part 2 (mentioned)
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