This is a Phineas and Ferb special episode starring Isabella, this episode features three of the fireside girls , Gretchen, Holly, and Milly. Also the fireside girls are given personalities, Gretchen is an intelectual, but also cowardly, Holly is an aggressive tomboy, and Milly is clumsy, and enthusiastic. Also Phineas and Ferb are not shown in this episode.


This episode opens with Isabella waking up and getting ready for her day. Afterwards she goes to her daily fireside girl ceremony, where she meets with her troop, Gretchen, Holly and Milly. The girls are then assigned by the fireside chief, Ms. Wood to deliver their daily supply of fireside cookies. Isabella and the girls get a spot at the googoplex mall, and business is going well, until they see a rival fireside girls troop across from them, led by a bratty girl named Vicky. Isabella goes over to confront them, but Vicky describes the mall as their turf and warns her that she's not afraid to use force. Isabella leaves taking their warning for granted, until Vicky brutally pelts them with water baloons. Isabella has an idea, she and the girls turn their booth into an armed fortress. At first Vicky is confused, until Isabella announces an attack and the girls unleash a swarm of water baloons at Vicky's troop, they flee for their lives. Vicky gets angry and has an idea of her own. Meanwhile Isabella and the girls continue their business, when Vicky and her troop come back with a fortress of their own, Isabella's and Vicky's foretresses reapeately strike blow against eachother until both troops launch a 20 ton water baloon at eachother the baloons collide and flood the entire mall. Isabella says, "I guess nobody wins." and the screen fades to black.

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