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one day at a 2 day sleepover isabella yawns very big and the whole tri state area can hear her, meanwhile at the flynn flecher house candace is asleep in her bed and yawns but nobody could hear candace's yawn, candace could hear the noise, what's that racket candace snaps, [ hops out of bed] MOM what's that noise candace yells. phineas comes and asks, candace that's isabella's big yawn, BUT IT'S DRIVING ME CRAZY candace screams. { house shakes] how about i order a rainbow splash for myself candace snaps, [ linda arrives] candace explains to linda about the noise, finally timon and pumbaa arrive to tell phineas, ferb, candace, and linda about the noise outside. timon arrives with a rainbow splash in his hand, timon, here you are my lady. candace, me. pumbaa, yes you. candace, timon make it stop. [ gives candace a pair of earplugs] candace, ahh much better, linda, candace your pretty lucky for timon to give you a pair of earplugs. [ isabella arrives] isabella, sorry about the noise candace. candace oh it's okay,

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