It started out on a sunny day in Danville. Isabella was getting dressed. She went out and had breakfast. Her favorite. Strawberry Jam on waffles. (I know, it may sound yucky...) Then, Mrs. Garcia-Shapiro went to get the mail. Isabella's sister, Ana, was messing around with her baby food. "Bad news." said Mrs. Garcia-Shapiro. "What? WHAT?!?!?!" asked Isabella. "What?" Ana chimed in. "You have to go... ON A QUEST." replied Mrs. Garcia-Shapiro. Ana gasped. Isabella gasped. Pinky barked. "Go pack up some things." her mom said. "Okay.." said Isabella in a shaky voice. She wasn't too sure about this. Then, at noon, she went off on a 47 day quest. Isabella said good bye. She said bye to all her friends, also explaining about the quest. She was teamed up with some Danville gothics and police. She felt "different" around them. "I'm not so sure about this quest." said Isabella. "Oh! Are we supposed to be here?" said Vanessa. "No." said Johnny. Everyone left. Isabella was on her own. "Panic. Panic. Panic." she said. It was seven thirty. Isabella was getting sleepy. "Good night world..." she said sleeply. Day Two..... Isabella woke up. She saw a great big town. A strange town. A Canadian town. She hiked all the way to Canada! She went to an abandened film lot. "Who's that person?" asked Beth. "Who are you people?" asked Isabella. "You're at the set of Total... Drama... ACTION!" said the host, Chris. "I am?" asked Isabella. "Yes." said a goth contestant named Gwen. "We're doing a jail flick today!" announced Chris. Isabella gulped. "You know what," said Isabella. "I'll just leave now." "Suit yourself." said a punk contestant named Duncan. Isabella left. Day Three/Four..... Isabella reached a desert. It was very hot. "So... hot." she groaned. Then she spotted the new kid on Maple Drive, Jesse! "Jesse?!?" cried Isabella. "What are you doing here?" "Family vacation." replied Jesse. "Oh, I see." said Isabella. "Well, I'll see you later." said Jesse. "Good-bye." said Isabella. She has now homesick. She was worried about Ana and Pinky. Day Five... Isabella woke up to the sound of a jeep. Someone or something was in it. They were rabbits! Not just any rabbits, RABBIDS! "BWWWWAAAAHHH!!!!" the Rabbids screamed. They were having the time of their life. BEEP! BEEP! The jeep was headed towards Isabella! She ran out of their way. The Rabbids zoomed past her. "That was close." sighed Isabella. Now she was hungry. Good thing she packed a Mr. Slushy Dawg Kid's Meal. She took out a hamburger and french fries. She took out a strawberry milkshake and the toy. It was a plastic unicorn. She ate her meal quickly. BURP! Now she was full. "That was a good meal." said Isabella. The day got worse. Yes, even worse than the Rabbids.

(I will get more ASAP. PLEASE DO NOT EDIT!)

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