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The Icesmoke Troop is one of the many troops in the Danville Area, which has also competed in the Annual Troop Olympics. Unlike most other troops, this troop includes both boys and girls. It has never won the Golden Eagle, but the troop shows a high level of determination, which leads it to win the Silver Hawk, the second highest rank of honor in the Annual Troop Olympics, in last year's competition. Its troop leader was originally Lily Vineyard, but later she quit to pursue her dream of becoming a celebrity. The next leader was Vincent Lenadra, who also quit. The troop has a bad reputation of its leader usually quitting before The Annual Troop Olympics. The only time that a troop leader didn't quit before the competion was in the 2010 Annual Troop Olympics, in which Lily Vineyard return to help her old troop win for once. The current troop leader of the troop, as of the 2010 Annual Troop Olympics, is Mary Icesmoke, granddaughter of Michael and Michelle Icesmoke, founders of this troop. She had reluctantly agreed to join the troop when she was about to go to miitary school if she didn't.

Known Troop Scouts

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