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I Wanna Run
Main episode plot





Air Date

October 10

Written and directed by


Previous Episode

Where Did you Get Those Stripes?

Next Episode

Wii Would Want to Play

Phineas and Ferb run a big triathlon. Doofenshmirtz runs it too, trying to win.


Phineas and Ferb are putting the finishing touches on their racetrack for a triathlon. Isabella asks what they are doing and Phineas tells her all about their big footrace and ends with "And... And... where's Perry? Perry tries to use a book on a shelf to move the shelf, but it turns out that he has to pull the whole bookshelf himself. He gets sucked into a tube and the bookshelf automatically closes. Monogram tells Perry that Doofenshmirtz is entering some huge neighborhood trilathon and is intent on winning it. Perry goes to the backyard. Phineas and Ferb train for the triathlon and Candace runs to go get Linda. Perry bursts into the triathlon but gets trapped in a snowman. Doofenshmirtz pokes a hole in the snowman and tells Perry he still had the snowinator and wanted to reuse it. Doofenshmirtz shows Perry his Speedinator and says he will use it to win the footrace. Phineas and Ferb start the triathlon and go around a lap. Candace goes to get Linda, who has a fruitcake on the counter. Candace questions the fruitcake, and Linda answers with "I...dont know". Candace drags Linda to the backyard. Meanwhile, Perry pulls a hairdrier out of nowhere and melts the snowman. He kicks Doofenshmirtz who hits the speedinator by accident. The dial is set to "superspeed" and the ray zaps Phineas who goes so fast he gets lifted off the ground, tearing up the racetrack the track gets demolished just as Candace drags Linda outside.

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