This is a Phineas and Ferb version of iCarly.


This is what the new cast is:

Isabella: Carly (sweet co-host)

Candace: Sam (agressive co-host)

Phineas: Freddie (easily anoyed tech mananger)

Ferb: Spencer (crazy sculpter)

Buford: Nevel (evil meddiler)

Baljeet: Gibby (fun shirtless guy)

Wendy: Mandy (crazy {now calmed down} #1 fan)

Vanessa: Missy (Carly's jerky ex-friend/ Sam's mortal enemy)

Marissa (made-up character): Melenie (Sam's sweet identical twin sister)

Joanie (made-up character): Miranda (Carly's war-lovin' identical twin sister who was with her dad, but moved with Carly and Spencer in "iHeart Having a Twin)


The episodes that I have so far are:

iGet Kidnapped

iCan't Control Myself

iCan't Do This

iHave Powers

iHeart Having a Twin

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