In this episode, Isabella (Carly) gets kidnapped.


Isabella comes home, and gets a text from Candace (Sam) saying to come over. Later, it's discovered that she was kidnapped. The kidnapper(s) is/are very interesting.


Isabella: Hey, Ferb.

Ferb: Hey, Isabella.

(Isabella looks at her phone)

Isabella: That’s interesting.

Ferb: What?

Isabella: Candace invited me over to her house. Ferb: It’s fine. Isabella: I was going to anyway. (Isabella leaves.)


(Candace walks in)

Candace and Ferb: Where’s Isabella?

Ferb: Didn’t you send her a text asking her to come over?

(Phineas walks in)

Phineas: The show st- where’s Isabella?

(Candace looks at her phone)

Candace: I think we might have an answer. It’s from her. Oh come on.

Phineas: What’d she say? Candace: It says: “I think I got kidnapped.” Phineas: Do you think that we could use iIsabella? Candace: I’m too upset to insult that and I think that it could be a good idea. Phineas: We say that Isabella’s missing and ask if they could help in the search. They comment where we could search-

Candace: Wendy? Where ever Isabella is, Wendy’s there. And Buford. Phineas: And we’ll say where we’ve searched. Now I finished explaining. We should’ve known that Buford had something to with it.

Candace: Kidnapping Isabella would make Bufordocity more popular than iIsabella. Why would Wendy do it though? No Isabella equals no iIsabella. As the Biggest fan, she should realize that.

Phineas: You can’t do the show by yourself and I have to film. Vanessa’s in town.

Candace: Since Baljeet is a guest star in the pathetic play of the night, I guess we have to do that. I’ll call her.

(Candace gets on her phone.)


Isabella: Don’t freak out. Don’t freak out. Wendy?

(Wendy walks over.)

Wendy: I feel SO guilty. It’s partly my fault that Buford was able to get you. I just couldn’t control myself.

Isabella: Since when can you control yourself?

Wendy: I’ll explain when I can talk to you and your friends at the same time. I need to explain a little bit to them now.


(Candace is on the phone) Candace: Excuse me. Isabella. Is. Missing. I know you’re in Seattle. I saw you at school. (Phineas’s phone rings and he answers it)

Phineas: Hi. Yeah. How do you know? What? I heard you, but why would- Wh- You sound so calm. Then let me talk to Buford. Hi. Is what Wendy said true? The- Hi, again. Fine.

(Phineas and Candace hang up) Candace: Who can be a substitute for Isabella? Phineas: (mumbles)

Candace: What?

Phineas: Wendy.

Candace: She's in Seattle?

Phineas: She's in our building. Living here. With her father.

(doorbell rings and Wendy comes in)

Candace: Nice.

Phineas: I'll go check everything. Wendy, you have five minutes to memorize the script.

(Phineas tosses Wendy a script and runs up the stairs)

Candace: We'll-

Wendy: Don't. I'll get Isabella back tonight.

Candace: Th-

Wendy: Say she's doing something with Ferb or something. We can't let anyone know what happened.

Candace: Why?

Wendy: I'm guilty. I'm dating Buford. Please, don't tell Phineas. I'll explain everything after I get Isabella back.

Candace: Fine. I'll just say she's visiting her grand dad.

(both girls run up to the studio and Candace whispers something to Phineas)


(Wendy walks in)

Isabella: Finaly.

Wendy: Sorry. I was filling in for you durring iIsabella.

Isabella: Just because I don't get reception doesn't mean that I don't get internet connection.

Wendy: Fine. Buford said that you can go back home, and he said to apoligize for what's happened, you can have this.

(Wendy lets Isabella out and puts the necklace on her.)

Wendy: Let's go before Buford changes his mind.


Candace: When are they going to be here?

Phineas: Be. Paitent. (to himself) When are they going to be here?

(Isabella and Wendy come in)

Phineas/Candace: ISABELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Isabella: Hi.

Candace: You said you'd explain, Wendy.

Wendy: Fine. Let's talk in the studio.

(everyone gets on the elevator {it's there for a reason} and walks into the iIsabella studio)

Isabella: So what's going on?

Wendy: After I started taking classes to help me not be as crazy as when I met you, my dad moved back here, and moved in your building. A little bit after, I overheard Buford mentioning his plan to someone. I made a plan to not make it as extreme. He wouldn't hurt his "girlfriend's" idol. I pretended to date him. Then, some how, he got me to capture you. I talked to him and he dicided to let you go. The necklace was an apoligy for the trouble it caused.

Phineas: I know I've seen that necklace before.

Candace: Me too.

(Isabella's necklace starts glowing)

Isabella: Well, it's been a long day of a kiddnapping, so how 'bout you guys get home?

(every one exept for Isabella leaves and the necklace stops glowing)

Wendy: Oh no.

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