It started when Phineas was having breakfast with Ferb, Perry and Candace. The phone rang.

"Hello. This is Phineas!"

"Buford here."

"Buford, can you take me and my friends away to special places?"


"Gosh...I'm gonna probably miss home."

"Yes, but it's gonna be okay."


"Well, been nice talking to you. Bye."


Seven hours later Buford, Baljeet, Isabella and The Fireside Girls arrived to take them to the places.

"We're off!" said Ferb.

The first stop was Phoenix. The following places were Raliegh, Charleston, Los Angeles, Hollywood, Chicago, LaPorte City,

Brookline, and Elberon. Perry liked Elberon because he thought there were other platypi.

When they got home around midnight, Ferb said, "Golly, what a great day!"