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How to be Human


How to be Human is a Perry/Doofenshmirtz yaoi fanfiction sumitted to and

It is currently the longest Perry/Doofenshmirtz fanfiction on, being roughly 7 chapters long and the full story combination also the most favorited and commented on deviantart.


The plot is deivded up into abour 7 chapters, each chapter having a 'lesson title' (as a homage to Pita-Ten, the manga) such as, 'How to enojy oneself at the Mall' and 'How to Aquiaint Oneself with Others'. (As a joke, the chapter after that was 'How to REALLY Aquint oneself with others, because no one was aquinted in the chapter before.) As the titles imply, a lesson is learned in each chapter, the last chapter ironicly being called 'How to Be Human'. When the story was relased with all the chapters combined, the names of the chapters were taken away and just called 'Chapter 1', 'Chapter 2', etc.

Chapter 1

As another day begins, so does another evil scheme that Perry has to (reluctantly) stop. When he gets to Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorperated, he is trapped by the ankles and has to sit through Doofenshmirtz's next speech about his latesy invention, the 'Change-Inator'. The device is made to turn all the people who annoy him into, as he says, "mindless, stupid animals", and demonstartes by throwing his mailman into one of the rings, who flies out the other as a puppy dog. When Perry excapes he chases Doofenshmirtz around the room, before lunging at him but falling through the ring the puppy came out of and hitting his head on a pole. The impact knocks him out and he's left lying on the floor, hearing Doofenshmirtz call Vanessa into the room telling her that "Something happened." This was the shortest chapter in the entire series.

Chapter 2

Perry wakes up with Vanessa by his side, cleaning out a cut on his arm. -finsh later, DRAFT-