wan isabella was age 3 she got a dog named pinky at doggy dodo a pet shop she first made his bed on her bed later the next day she brank her to lillys home lilly is the fireside girls troop befor isabella was fireside girls troop lilly liket her dog than they took him to the park than pinky got out of leash than it ran in to two boys phineas and ferb isabella never seen em befor when they said hi isabella got hearts in her eyes at phineas not ferb yea bebe lilly got hearts in her eyes at ferb 6 hours later pinky gets stinkt bye 2 bees named maya and willy

heres the song it is pinky good boy first i buyed him doggy dodo but i ran to a boy named phineas phineas! bebe lilly is a danceing baby! woff woff woff woff tareres two bees pinky pinky pinky pinkaaaaaaaaaaaaa the end by sonic phineas
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