Herr Frost





Air Date

December 27th

Written and Directed By

Jack Hawes

Previous episode

The Phenomenomenon

Next episode

Family Picnic

Phineas and Ferb grow an obsession with a person across the street when they start finding him funny when he does something wrong. Doofenshmirtz creates the No-More-Having-Fun-Without-Me-inator when he gets jealous of everyone being invited to a party except him.


A German teacher called Herr Frost becomes the Flynn-Fletcher's new neighbours. Phineas, Ferb and the Fireside Girls think he is suspicious, but he turns out to be accidentally comical. He goes into a hissy fit when he does something wrong. Their obsession starts to grow, and they start to become more obsessed with Frost than their family and friends. Doofenshmirtz is unhappy to find out that everyone on his block are going to a party without him because he is disliked by everyone. Perry arrives to take him down, but he is trapped in super-glue. Doofenshmirtz wants to stop the party. At this time, the Flynn-Fletchers are having a party. Doofenshmirtz destroys it by setting it on fire. Frost, who was also invited, leaves after finding out that everyone there are a group of freaks which angers Candace.


"What's Gonna Happen Next?" - Phineas and Isabella

Running Gags

The "Too Young" Line

"Aren't you a little evil to be social?" - Doofenshmirtz's Neighbour

"Yes, yes I am." - Doofenshmirtz

Ferb's Line

"Did you know that (Frost) wasn't actually sniffing his watch? He wears his watch on his right hand, but he sniffs his left hand, hence Herr Frost does not sniff his watch." - Ferb

"I was just asking you what you wanted for dinner, Ferb." - Linda

What'cha Doin?

"What'cha doin?" - Isabella

"Meh." - Phineas

"I said WHAT'CHA DOIN?" - Isabella

"I just said 'meh'! Give me a break, woman!" - Phineas

Perry's Lair Entrance

Perry jumps to the top of a tree and then dives down into a hole in the ground, where Monogram gives him a perfect 10.

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