Phineas and his wife Isabella drive up to the entrance for Flynn and Co. "Have a good day, honey." says Isabella. "Remember to be home for dinner." "I can smell the roast turkey already." says Phineas. He kisses her on the cheek and climbs out of the car. Isabella drives away. In Phineas' office he was typing when his intercom went off. " Mr. Flynn, your 10:00 is here." says a voice. "Send him in." says Phineas. "Actually, it's a she, sir." says the voice. "Okay." he says. Meanwhile at the end of the hall, the elevator opens and an alluring woman with red hair steps out. She walks down the hall and catches the eyes of every man she passes by. She stops in front of Phineas' office, and goes inside. She looks at Phineas, and smiles devilishly. "Hello, I'm here for my job interview, Mr. Flynn." says the woman. " Come in." says Phineas. "So to start, do you have any past experience?" says Phineas. "Yes, I've had expierience with men, but none as handsome as you are." Says the woman smoothly. "Actually, I meant expierience in business." says Phineas calmly. The womans smile turns into a scowl for a moment, but recovers. " You know I'd feel more comfortable if we had our interview over dinner tonight." She says. "I already have dinner plans with my wife, thanks for asking though." says Phineas, virtually clueless. The woman growls, and her face turns red, but inhales and relaxes. " Well, I'm sure you could cancel." she says, leaning on him. "I'd like to, but if my wife finds us, she'll think we were on a date." says Phineas, with the same tone. "AAAAAAAAARRRRRRR! You are no fun at all!" says the woman as she storms. " But, what about your interview?" says Phineas. That night at dinner, Phineas and Isabella were having dinner. "So how was your day honey?" She says. "Weird," Said Phineas. "I had a job interview with this girl, then she exploded and stormed out for no reason."

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