Phineas And Ferb Got This Letter From Their School, Danville Elementary. It Said,

"Phineas And Ferb, How Are You Doing? We Want You To Make One Of Those Invention Things. You Will Be In My 10th Grade Class. Love, Ms. Sierra."

  Phineas Said: "We Love Ms. Sierra. You Too, Ferb."

After That, They Were At Ms. Sierra's. "Hello, Boys." Said Ms. Sierra. You Can Look Around If You Like." And That's The Story Of Phineas And Ferb's School Adventure!(Of Part 1) Perry Had To Be At The Evil Doctor's At 1:00 PM. He Had Demonstrated The Scary-Thing-Inator To Perry. Perry Distructed The Invention Just In Time! "Oh No! My Scary-Thing-Inator!" Said The Evil Doctor, Sadly.

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