One day, Phineas was laying down a hill which lead to Danville Meadows all alone. Isabella finds him and layed down with him to keep him company. Phineas notices her and whispered to Isabella saying that "I gitchee gitchee goo you!" Isabella whispered back, "What does that mean?" Phineas just layed there still, and then he left with the words "I think you can remember what that means Isabella." Isabella finds a near by bench. She sat on it and pondered what that meant. Then came across her mind was the song Gitchee Gitchee Goo. And snapped! She remember what that meant. She came running towards Phineas and said, "I GITCHEE GITCHEE GOO YOU TOO!"


  • The title is the song "Gitchi Gitchi Goo" from "Flop Starz", also the scene mimics a line from the extended version: "When I say "I love you", she says "I Gitchi Gitchi Goo you too!""

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