Chris: Last time on Total Drama WorldWide, Cuba was a paradise before these teams came here. Rufus learned that water can hurt you, in the end Irving and Rufus went home. 15 remain and the challenge I've been waiting for is upcoming Will Soul and Candace become targets and will the producers raise my pay? Find out on Total Drama WorldWide

(theme song)

(screen switches to loser class)

Mandy: Last night was torture

Baljeet: I'm not sure which is worse the fact we only had one strap to hold onto or the somersault

Jan: Speaking of which where's Sandra? I haven't seen her since the somersault

Lisa: She has a weak stomach

Sandra: Confessional: (Sandra puking)

Stacy: This can't be worse

(Chris twists plane and everyone falls off)

Thaddeus: Ow

(screen switches to first class)

Candace: This is luxurious

Soul: I know

Candace: The only bad thing was the somersault

Soul: Yeah you know Sandra has a weak stomach

Candace: (under her breath) Yes

(something opening is heard)

Candace: Is it me or is it quieter

Soul: It is quieter

Chris PA; Attention passengers we are now landing

(screen switches to Chris, CHef, Soul, and Candace outside the plane)

Candace: Soul and I are the only ones here

Soul: Why is it only us?

Candace: Are we the final 2?

Soul: How long have I been sleeping

CHris: You're not the Final 2, yet Chef dropped the contestants in loser class

CHef: It was you

Chris: Anyways, we need the contestants for today's challenge

(shows Chef holding 2 knives)

Chris: You need to bring them back to us

Candace: But we don't know where they are

Chris: In the Black Forest

(screen switches to the others in the Black Forest)

Phineas: This is like the third time Chris has dropped us

Wendy: Second, in India we were sucked out

Phineas: Oh yeah, where's Candace and Soul

Baljeet: They weren't in loser class

Phineas: Okay but where's Stacy and Jenny

Jenny: Up here

Stacy: A little help

Jan: I'll get them

(Jan breaks the branches and they fall)

Jenny: Okay, where are we

Ferb: It looks like a forest

Stacy: She meant which forest

Phineas: I think the Black Forest

Stacy: But it's not black

Phineas: Yes but the trees are so close together it looks black

Stacy: Okay, lets find our teams

Mandy: I think we need to split into two groups that way we can cover ground and not lose each other

Lisa: Good call

Phineas: We need to split up

Stacy: Candy can find us without us splitting up

Ferb: What if she leaves us

Phineas: She wont

Wendy: She will

Baljeet: Let's just split up

Everyone: FIne

(screen switches to Wendy)

Wendy : Candace

(Ferb bumps into her)

Wendy: Hey Ferb

Ferb: Hey Wendy

Wendy: So Ferb um I think we might need to stick together

Ferb: I agree

(screen switches to Candace)

Candace: I can smell Stacy's perfume

Stacy: Candace

Candace: Stacy

Bear roars

Stacy and Candace: Bear

Stacy: What do we do

Candace: I don't know

Stacy: We should hit him

Candace: That will make it angrier

Stacy: I know (throws shoes over bear and bear runs away)

Candace: Stacy, you're a genius

Stacy: Would you tell my mom that

Candace: (deadpan) We're on camera

Stacy: Hi Coltrane (blows kiss)

Candace: Let's go

(screen switches to Phineas and Isabella)

Isabella: Phineas, my legs are killing me

Phineas: Lets sit down

Isabella: I think I twisted my ankle when we landed

Phineas: I know these landings are painful

Isabella: I miss first class

Phineas: I knw it was more romantic, and sanitary

Isabella: I question how that plane passed precautionary measures

Phineas: How do we know it did?

(both laugh)

Candace: Hi there

(both fall off their rocks)

Candace: What's wrong?

Isabella : So many things

Phineas: You caught us off guard

(screen switches to Sandra, Lisa, Jan)

Jan: Where's Soul?

Sandra: That's why we're out here

Lisa: Technically, we are here because Chris dropped us

Jan: Whatever.

Sandra: We just passed Soul

Jan: Why didn't you tell us?

Sandra: I said we JUST passed him

Lisa: Let's hurry

Jan, Sandra, and Lisa: Soul

Soul: What? (hits tree) Ow!

Jan: We found you

Soul Confessional: Me and Jan are like mother and son, the camera's off, right

Lisa: Good thing we're together now Mandy, Thaddeus, and Thor went for water so

(Jan jumps and grabs a branch)

Lisa: Okay the divining rodis pointing east

(screen shows Ferb and Wendy drinking water from a river)

Ferb: Hey there's the other team

Wendy: I'm feeling sick

Mandy: Probably because that's where the leeches live

(Wendy spits out the water)

Wendy: How do we fix this?

Ferb: Leeches can't resist stomach acids so don't worry

Wendy: I'm still sick

SOul: Mandy, Thaddeus, Thor

Mandy: Yes

Soul: We need to go back to Chris to start the challenge

(Stanville passes Candace)

Soul: You're teams that way

Thaddeus: Why did you tell them that

Soul: It will take them forever to go around the river

Thor: They could go through it

Mandy: Leeches

Thor Oh yeah

(screen switches to Danville)

Candace: Leeches

Phineas: ANd pirahnas

Wendy is puking

Candace: What's wrong

Ferb: Wendy drank leeches

Stacy: Ew

Candace: We need to hurry

Ferb: She can't even stand up

Candace: Jenny, Stacy, drag her along

(screen switches to Stanville with Chris)

Chris: Where's Danville

Candace: Here we are

CHris: What's her problem?

Candace: She got sick

Lisa: Chris, the candy fish tails are toxic

Ferb: She drank leeches

Sandra: Ew

Wendy: What's the challenge

Chris: You mean the one Stanville won

Stanville: Yes

Candace: You mean to tell me that this whole hunt for our team was the challenge

Chris: Yes

Candace: OMG

(screen switches to the elimination room)

Chris: Stamp passport for elimination yadda yadda

(Isabella double stamps Candace)

(Phineas stamps Candace)

(Candace stamps Wendy)

(Stacy stamps Wendy)

Chris: Okay barf bags go, Phineas, Ferb, Stacy, Jenny, Baljeet, Isabella, and the last one goes to Wendy

Wendy pukes in the bag

Candace: What?

Chris: Time to go

(Chef comes in with an extension cord)

CHef: Uh Chris

Chris: Who's flying the plane?

Chef: What do you think the extension cord is for?

Chris: Okay what?

Chef: Your $500 shoes are missing

Chris: What?!

Stacy: That's whose shoes I threw to the bear

Chris: You what?! Candace you're safe. Chef I want Stacy out of here now

Chef carries Stacy

Stacy: Where's my parachute

Chris: You don't get one

Stacy: Oh no

(Chef throws Stacy out of the plane)

Candace: Stacy catch (tosses parachute)

Chris: (angrily) Okay we' are slowly losing contestants between quitters, rude, obsessive, clumsy, and just irritating what mistake will eliminate the next person on Total Drama WorldWide UGH!!!!


  • The title is based off the show Man vs. Wild
  • Stacy is the 3rd person to be eliminated by Chris

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