Chasine(Pucca) makes a gelatin-version of herself. Doofenshmirtz steals chicken meat in order to power his Corn-Inator to turn cucumber into corn.

Plot Summary

Phineas and Ferb creates a gelatin maker to help Chasine make a gelatin-version of herself for the strawberry freezer in her room. Mio and Perry enters their own lairs that Doofenshmirtz stole chicken meat from the butcher to power his Corn-Inator. Kari placed the gelatin into the freezer to cool it up. When Doofenshmirtz powered 20 chicken meat into his Corn-Inator, Mio kicked him and accidentally activated the inator and turned Doofenshmirtz' cucumber for Mayor Ugly into corn. Perry stopped the ray and turns the gelatin maker into corn after Buford want corn for Corn Steak.

Background Information

  • This marks the first appearance of Janelle.
  • Nova's charm bracelet disappears from her wrist.
  • Kari's father appeared with Lawrence.
  • Chasine's hat ribbon turns into brown instead of green when her gelatin self's arms are built.
  • The evil texan couple appeared after this episode.
  • Janelle's voice is provided by Nova's actress.(This was also provided in other 6 episodes)
  • Mrs. Rubena Bailey appears as a cameo in this episode.

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