Fumi Yoshiyuki is one of Florence's cousins from Japan who believes all Americans are copying their country's culture until at the end of the movie when she learns that all cultures bring the world together.


Gender: Female

Nationality: Japanese

Age: 9

Born: August 1st

Family: Hiroki and Yokie Yoshiyuki (parents), Fuji (sister), Daitaro (brother), Carly and Norm Thonnings (Deceased aunt and uncle in law), Lisa and Michale Verlean, (aunt and uncle; Florence's adopted parents), Patricia (adoptive cousin), Florence (cousin twice removed), Adam (adoptive cousin), Haily (adopted cousin), Quinten (cousin), Incendio Thonnings [preferred Provocado] (uncle), Verleans (extended family).

Hair color: black

Eye color: indigo

1st Appearance: Phineas and Ferb's World Adventure

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