One day in the hot summer sun There was a little Astrailian girl named Marcella ( Me! not really Astrailian ) with a little ghost named Bella. They were playing go fish.....Bella said " Do you have any......hhhhhhmmmmmm-" "AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!" My Mom screamed. They ran inside and asked " WHATS WRONG!!!!!!!" My mom said " I lost my mop!!!!!! Just kidding!" So with that being said they went outside and desided to do some window shopin' Marcella said goodbye to their pet Kaylin the Kitten and they went.

       Kaylin the Kitten sprong up on her hind legs, droped a fadora on her head and went through a secret tube. Some random woman said " Aw Agent K what a wonderful apperence! * Claps, Kaylin the kitten meows *. The random woman said " Pr. Peggyquerts stole all the new crab cakes in the local store and we need you to get them back! Good luck Agent K!"

       *  Marcella and Bella arive at computer store *. Bella the ghost said " I should stay outside! With all these computers one of them could suck me up and turn me into a video game!"   A little girl named Raya runs over to Marcella and Bella and says " Marcella......Bella is that you!?!" Bella the ghost said " Raya how long has it been!" Raya said " like 8 years!!" Marcella said " I'm so glad to see you, you look so grown up and stuff!!!" Raya said "  I was thinking the same thing!" Bella the ghost said " Oh, memories!" Raya said " You guys are like the only ones who complement me as a friend and not by the way I look,......and I respest that!" Marcella said " lets take you to my mom she won't regonice you!!! That will be funny!" They were reunited witch brought happyness and fun for everyone!!!!!!!( Please don't edit I will get more A.S.A.P )   

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