Freddie is Baljeet's pet flying squirrel. He is a very good but new agent. His first mission was assisting Perry in fighting Doofenshmirtz. Doof never learned Freddie's name though. Now Agent F fights his own nemesis Dr. Sup.

So Baljeet got him for a summer school class on like taking care of gliding mammals or something (I never figured it out).

He first appeared in Fanfiction episode Perry Meets Freddie (the flying squirrel)

Return to Assistant

In the episode The assistant of Terry, Major Monogram informs Terry that he has a assistant (Freddie) whose mission is assisting Terry with fighting Professor Destructicon. Kevin never learned Freddie's name. Dr. Sup isn't Freddie's nemesis now that Freddie was assistant to Terry.
Agent T

Terry has a new boss of Freddie

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