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Featured User is a nomination that is updated monthly, that puts up a featured user that is nominated and chosen by users depending on these aspects:

  • How helpful (s)he is to the community
  • His/Her contributions to the community
  • How (s)he was able to lend a helping hand to those in need
  • How (s)he followed the guidelines and rules of the wiki
  • How (s)he contributes to the togetherness of the community
  • How (s)he reflects to WWPD
  • How (s)he kept the place neat and orderly

However, we encourage voters to avoid voting for a user due to this aspects:

  • Personal relationship (as friends)
  • Number of edits
  • Quality of fanon work
  • Favor
  • "Meh, I'll pick him/her. She's nice to me."
  • How much attention (s)he deserves.

We also do not want a Featured User (FU) to be treated:

  • "Like a BAWS"
  • As an honorary
  • As the most popular guy/chick in town
  • More than usual.

We also do not expect those who are ruled out from the nominations to feel:

  • There's favoritism
  • "Nobody loves me :'("
  • The admins are giving him/her a chance because (s)he's better than me!
  • Abandoned; Deserted
  • Forever Alone

We would like the FUs to:

  • Act as usual
  • Improve their great work and contribution to the community
  • Tell those that doesn't win the FU everything is going to be alright.

We would like those who lose to the FU in the FU nomination to:

  • Improve their great work and contribution to the community
  • Contributes and helps on the expansion and organization of the wiki
  • Live their lives as usual
  • Not planning to pay revenge on the FU
  • Run for next month's FU again!

There is nothing wrong in being a FU and losing to a user in the nominations. It doesn't mean that you're not the favorite: It's just that you have to improve yourself and be a better user for the community.

Also, please keep in mind the following requirements for nominations:

  • You can not nominate or vote for yourself.
  • You can not nominate someone who has previously been blocked.
  • You can not nominate someone with less than 1,000 edits.

When nominating a user, please make sure to use this format:

*'''Nominated by: [[User:USERNAME|USERNAME]]'''

To see the users that were previously nominated and the full details on the voting for each month, refer to the Archive page.

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