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Pnf2 little family gift by sam ely ember-d3iew5r

The Flynn-Fletcher Family is made up of:

Family Tree

Fran Flethcher (Prgeran) |Faith Flethcher (Cavvrloine-Jivlian Flethcer | sevreal Genarations || Ferbgor + Dr. Phineasstein
 several generations
 Unnamed + Unnamed Unnamed + Unnamed
 | |
 | |
 Winifred Fletcher + Reginald Fletcher 
 (See Flynn family) |
 | |
 Unnamed + Linda Flynn + Lawrence Fletcher + Unnamed
 | |
 | |
 Candace Flynn - Phineas Flynn Ferb Fletcher + Emily Kinney
                                       |            |
                                       |            |

                                Elizabeth Fletcher- David Fletcher-Thomas Fletcher

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