This is for the ghost to see the girl with the nickname Flora see Florence Verlean


She is a real downer who hates existing. She is rather gifted in the fists, and will use them when when needed (and by needed, I mean like when she almost killed Marabella for her "Mission"). When she paradoxed herself, she devoted her ghosthood to making romance between Phineas and Isabella, she is very devoted to that.


In the second story of Crushing for Amitures (Matchmaker Flora) it is revealed that she cannot exist if she completes her misson (green-streaked scruffy black hair, last name, hmmm...).


Phineas: She dosen't have a real frendship with him, other than her opinion that he is stupid. Isabella: Flora is good frends with kid Isabella. Amanda: She abselutely hates her cousin for multiple reasons. Chad: Flora has a crush on him, he's her best frend. Fauna: Again, she hates her a lot.

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