The Firefly Boys (known as Fireside Boys in Patricia Verlean's version of Patricia and Florence) are the Fireside Girls male counterparts found by Elmer N. Firefly. Lead by Issac Grand-Marina.Their opposite counterparts/rivals are the Waterford Boys male counterparts to The Waterfront Girls .


Issac Grand-Marina (troop leader, Isabella's counterpart)

Isaac Garland-Sharpie (stunt leader of Issac, Isabella's second counterpart)

Phineas Flynn (Patricia's counterpart)

Ferb Fletcher (Florence's counterpart)

Aaron Sugarwell (Adyson's counterpart)

Gerland (Gretchen's counterpart)

Holland (Holly's counterpart)

Galangal (Ginger's counterpart)

Kat (Katie's counterpart)

Manny (Milly's counterpart)

Julien (Juliet's counterpart)

Amit (Amy's counterpart)

Adam Verlean (former,Candace's counterpart)


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