iinfo: no this isnt the future future,this is like when everyone is 12,2 years AFTER my first story

area(s): docter d evil incoprerated


thoguhout danvill

perrys hoverjet

perrys HQ

momograms HQ

first bit (near ending,read complete version to egt wtf is going on)

docter d: GAH CURSE YOU KIDS AND PERRY THE PLATIPUS,hehehehe *pushes a red butten and hpineas ferb isabella crystal and stacy fall though the floor into a big cage*

candace: oh darn

brandon: hmm,is that a raygun? *grabs it and shoots the cage*


brandon: HERE,YOU WILL NEED THIS *throws raygun down*

  • stacy catches it and shoots a nearby robot*

crystal: BRANDON MOVE *brandon gets blasted by docter D's raygun,and venssa walks in with herown raygun*

candace: BRANDON!

spoiler end

lol,heres 1 last spoiler,docter d takeover and phineas and gang form a resitance like thing,stay tuned for the full story

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