This is about the relationship with Ferb Fletcher and Florence Verlean.

Ferb's hints

  • He stares at her at both versions of how they met hinting that he has a crush on her
  • He winks at her when they danced at the end of "My Fair Addi".
  • Saved her from falling out of the hot air ballon in "Phineas and Ferb: The Movie!" and helped Phineas save the girls from Ben Baxter in Phineas and Ferb 2:the Ferbquel

Florence's hints


With each other

  • Danced in "My Fair Addi", "Phineas and Ferb:The Movie!", The Prom, etc.
  • Argued after the stadium was it by Doofenshmirtz's emotor-ray inator
  • Hugged when they renuited in "Australian Bongio"
  • Sang together a few times


  • They both have green/blonde hair (Florence's in the film is dirty blonde)
  • Have siblings
  • Are very intelligent
  • Both talk about bizaare, but natural facts
  • Have senses for their siblings/step-siblings
  • Both are part of royal families (revaled in "The Truth about Ferb Fletcher" and "The Story of Florence Verlean")



  • Is British
  • Was born to his parents in England
  • Has step-siblings unlike his "girlfriend"
  • Isn't that much sensitive than Florence


  • Is Bellaterrian-Australian
  • Was an orphan adopted from Australia
  • Doesn't have any step-siblings, but does have some adopted siblings.
  • Is a little bit more sensitive than Ferb due to a depression since her parents died that made her talk less.

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