Phineas and Ferb tries to make a giant highway that goes all over the world. Meanwhile Doofenshmirtz makes a Make-a-road-disappear-inator.


While Phineas is going to Texas, Ferb sees a road that will go all over the Tri-state Area. Ferb sees it and states he can make an EVEN BIGGER road, Then he says "I know what to do today."

Perry goes in a fake fence and goes to his lair, where Monogram tells him that Doofenshmirtz is making a Road-Disappear-Inator.

When Perry goes to the hideaway, Doof traps him with a Basket (he can't think of much traps that traps him perfect) and tells him that he was walking in the road and he almost fell though the road and thus, this cursed him that everytime he goes on the road he almost falls through it.

Back at the Flynns' home, Isabella comes and asks "Where is Phineas?" and Ferb replies with "In Texas." She says "Oh. Whatcha doin'?"

"Making a road that will go all over the world."

"Oh, can I help?"


Then Agent P just cuts a hole in the basket and kicks the doctor at the switch. Then he says "Uh oh."

An hour later Phineas and his mom come back and Candace sees the road and goes to mom and tell her that the boys made a road that goes over the whole world. At the moment Mom enters the backyard, the road gets hit by the Road-Disappear-Inator. Then mom sees that Ferb "did" nothing. Then Phineas says "Roads aren't perfect for world process."


  • Ferb and Phineas switches roles in the end.
  • Dr. Doof's story was NEAR impossible since there was no roads in that country.