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Lizzie goes to the past by accident. She meets Phineas and Ferb as kids. She (transfers) everyday, back and forth between times, to play with her uncle and father. They don't notice her comings and goings at all. Once, Emily notices Ferb and Lizzie, and how close they seemed, and got slightly jealous. Later, she notices Ferb looking at Lizzie in a strange way. She takes it the wrong way, (he was just thinking that she seemed familiar). She starts getting into arguments with Ferb, and he can't figure out why she's so mad at him. Ferb gets hurt by this, and questions himself. Meanwhile, Lizzie gows more and more distant from her own family, and spends less and less time with them. In the present, Ferb and Emily begin to agrue about (something small) but then it turns into a fight that lasts throughout most of the story. :)


Lizzie was walking by herself, and was about to come into Phineas and Ferb's backyard, but stopped suddenly when she heard (raised) voices coming from (it) (the backyard). She hid under a bush, and peeped in through a small crack/hole in the fence. Emily and ferb were alone in the backyard, yelling at each other. Well, Emily was doing most of the yelling. "What does SHE have that I don't have! Why are you so friendly?" "Emily! I don't know WHAT you're talking about!!!! What's wrong with being friendly?!!!" Emily, exasperated, pushes past Ferb and ran out the gate. Ferb is left standing, also exasperated, alone in the backyard. Lizzie walks in. She talks with Ferb, and discovers that Emily thinks that Ferb likes her! "I think that Emily thinks that I like you......" "Oh no......! Oh no, Ferb, this is.....this is TERRIBLE!!!!! This is awful!!!!! She can't really..........Oh is NOT happening.... you don't really, do you Ferb?" Ferb just looked at her, with an unreadable expression on is face. Lizzie, not sure what this meant, despairingly backed away towards the fence. "Ferb........ I'm sorry..... I have to go....."She ran out the same gate that Emily had exited minutes before. Lizzie rushed to the time machine and went back in time. When she arrived, she closed the door behind her, and heard a voice behind her. "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN YOUNG LADY!!!!?????" Lizzie gulped and turned around. "DO YOU KNOW WHAT TODAY IS???!!!!!" Lizzie thought for a moment, (which was hard when your mother was so mad that she was practically shaking) and then her eyes widened. Today was the day that they were supposed to have a family picnic.... and then go fishing! "That's right, missie. Do you have any idea how worried i was, when i couldn't find you, and neither of your brothers had seen you since breakfast?!!!!" Her voice rose on "breakfast". "Ferb left with the boys, because we couldn't find you! I called Uncle Phineas and Aunt Isabella, to see if you were playing with Julia, but Isabella said that she was in bed with a cold! You weren't at the Patel's, or the (Marie's husband's last name)s, or the(Alyssa's husband's last name)s, or the Brown's! I just got off the phone with Aunt Rachel, and she said that you hadn't been over to play with (name of rach's kids) for nearly a month and a half!!!!"Lizzie looked down. "I'm sorry mom, it won't happen again." "It better not!"Emily looked down at Lizzie's dejected figure and sighed. "Where do you disappear off to everyday, Lizzie? We don't see you anymore. Thomas misses you.....he told me so." Lizzie's head jolted up. "He TOLD you so?!" "Yes, he talked to me the other day. I had no idea that you had been disappearing until then."

Emily looked carefully at her daughter. She sighed. She didn’t like doing this, but it was her responsibility to discipline her kids.”Elisabeth Marie, I am going to ground you.” “WHAT!?” Lizzie’s eyes widened in shock. She had never EVER been grounded before. “You heard me. You may not leave this house without your brothers, me, or your father with you.” “For how long?” “Until I think it is enough.” “Mom, you can’t!” Lizzie pleaded. “I can and I am, and that is FINAL!” “But, but Mom!” “No buts! Go upstairs to your room until your father and brothers get back!” Lizzie opened her mouth to argue. “NOW.” Lizzie shut her mouth, and ran towards the stairs. She looked back, and saw her mother slumped in a chair, with her head in her hands. She looked up suddenly. “I said GO!” Lizzie ran up the stairs and slammed the door to her room. She sat on her bed, breathing heavily. Her mother NEVER used that tone of voice. Only twice had Lizzie heard Emily use that tone. Once, when Ferb had forgotten some day, the date of their first kiss, their first date. Emily had gotten very angry. (She was pregnant at the time.) and had yelled at him. The other time, was just earlier that day, when Emily had argued with Ferb about Lizzie. Suddenly something clicked into place. She didn’t have time to realize what it was though, because at that point, Ferb rang the dinner bell.

Lizzie didn’t look at anyone at dinner, especially her mom. It was a very awkward dinner. Emily was in a bad mood, and exploded at every little thing. And when David spilled ketchup on his pajama’s that was the last straw. Ferb tried to calm her down, but she had been building up since the Incident earlier and just couldn’t stop. She yelled at everyone, and sent them to their room’s right after dinner.

Lizzie sat in her room listening to her parents fighting. Suddenly there was a soft knocking at her door. She went and opened it, and there stood Thomas, in his green footie’s, and holding his teddy bear. He didn’t say a word, just looked up at her with those huge eyes of his. She bent down and hugged him tight. They walked over to her bed. She sat down, and he sat next to her. There were footsteps in the hall. Lizzie got up and said, “Come on in David.” David hesitantly walked in, and stood in the doorway. Then he ran towards her, and she enveloped both her brothers in a hug. Lizzie felt guilty for not spending time with her brothers lately. As she looked down at them, she found she was almost eye level with David, and Thomas was now up to her waist. “When did that happen?” she thought alarmed. “Lizzie, I’m scared.” David said. “Don’t be, it will be okay.” Lizzie said reassuringly. They sat there for a while, on Lizzie’s bed, until, “You should probably go to bed guys.” Lizzie said apologetically. David and Thomas got up. David turned and walked out of the room quickly, but Thomas didn’t. He followed David a ways, but then stopped, turned around, ran to Lizzie, and hugged her legs. He buried his face in her shirt. He looked up at her, and she brushed his hair out of his eyes. “I love you Lizzie.” He said, and looked expectantly at her. “I love you too Thomas.” Lizzie said. (She loved him so much.) “You don’t play with me anymore.” Thomas said, Matter-of-factly. Lizzie was about to protest, but then she realized that it was true. She looked down lovingly at him, and knelt so she was eye level with him. She put her hand on his shoulder. “No I haven’t, and I’m sorry. But you know what? That is not going to happen anymore! What would you like to do tomorrow?” Thomas thought hard for a few seconds. “Blocks and chalk.” He said simply. “Tomorrow, how about you and me play with some blocks and chalk, ok?” Thomas nodded. “Ok. I have to go to bed now.” “Goodnight Thomas.” Thomas left sucking his thumb, satisfied. Lizzie sighed, happy again. She lay down on her bed, turned her light off, and went to sleep.

More coming soon!

Thank Marie for this brillant idea!

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