Phineas helps Ferb get on an first Date with Vanessa Doofenshmirtz, Meanwhile, Perry tries to Stop Dr. Heniz Doofenshmirtz from blowing up Restaurants.


Phineas, Ferb and Candace get dropped off at the Doofenshmirtz Cabin by their Parents, Ms. Doofenshmirtz goes with The parents to eat at an Vegan Restuarant, leaving Candace and Vanessa baby sitting Phineas and Ferb. Then Ferb feels to had an crush on Vanessa. Phineas and Candace notice and both think Ferb loves Vanessa. Meanwhile, Perry goes to his lair and gets his mission to stop Doofenshmirtz. Phineas decides to build an Honey Moon beside the Cabin for Ferb and Vanessa. Candace was going to call mom but Vanessa stop her, Telling her that that same rotate won't get her Nowhere. Perry breaks into Dr. Heniz Doofenshmirtz's Lab, Heniz Tells his evil plan to Perry that he going to destroy Vegan Restuarant. he has had it with his ex-wife going to that Restuarant all the time, he thinks she never get over it. So he shows Perry the Blowingupinter, Heniz explains that it blows up The Whole Restuarant into pieces. Candace dresses up Ferb for an first date with Vanessa. While Phineas Shows Vanessa the whole Honey Moon, Vanessa Give Phineas a hug for building it for her and his brother. Candace and Ferb show up, Ferb was ready, and hold hands with Vanessa and they both head in with Phineas and Candace watching. Heniz makes it to Vegan Restuarant on his hovercraft, When he was about to use the Blowingupinter, Perry shows up and fights Him. The Laser blast out but didn't hit the Restuarant as the Blowingupinter gets destroy, Perry puts the Hovercraft in Reverse and escapes, The Hovercraft bangs into Barrel bombs, sending Heniz flying into the Water. Ferb and Vanessa Enjoy them selves (Watch TV, Watching the view outside and Phineas and Candace watched Ferb and Vanessa on the bumper cars). Vanessa tells Ferb it was the best date they had. the Same Laser blow up The Honey Moon to pieces. Phineas and Candace are surprise as Vanessa give Ferb an Kiss on the cheek.


Vanessa: (to Phineas) Isn't your Brother to young to Date teenagers?

Phineas: (to Vanessa) Well, yea, but he does love you.

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