Phineas receives the visit of his cousin Nedward (aka Ned) that is like him changing two things Ned takes sunglasses and has his hair has red dark color. Ned is like a " Casanova " who enjoys inspiring love and leaving the ladies, he has come to Danville from New York with the only intention take Isabella to make his cousin angry. While Doofenshmirtz has also family problems because his cousin Stewart (ex-champion of tennis of Gimmelschtrup's college) comes from Druelselstein to defy Heinz to a game, to not be defeated he invented the "Forty-Nile-Inator" a speciall raket to win allways, because he is very full of hearing his parents saying that Stewart is intelligent, good at sports, good samarithan and attractive and Doofenshmirtz is only the "last monkey" of the family.


Watcha Doin,: Sayd by Ned to Ferb

Ferb´s Line: (Ned (to Phineas): Im going to take your girlfriend man) Ferb: Well, technically she isn´t his girlfriend

Songs: I´m to cute (by Ned)

Perry´s entrance: Across a TV

Special guesstars

Carlos Alazraqui as Ned Rafael Nadal as Stewart

Vincent Martella Phineas Thomas Sangster as Ferb Jeff Swampy Marsh as Monogramm Dan Povemire as Heinz Doofenshmirtz and Mr Doofenshmirtz