One day when Ferb Fletcher and Phineas Flynn were time traveling, the time machine split in half! They were both thrown in time, Phineas to the past and Ferb to the future! When Ferb landed in the future he saw a tall green haired man step out of a flying car! "KIDS! I'm home!" the man said as a brunette woman ran out of the house and kissed him.

"Oh Ferb." the woman said.

"Oh Vanessa." the man said. The young Ferb hid in a bush. "Ferbette, Vincent, Joe!" the adult Ferb yelled. A tall teenage girl and two boys, the young Ferb's size came out. "Hi dad. Oh I know Lacey, my brothers, Vincent and Joesph totally built me a hair dryer last Monday, and it exploded!" the girl, apparently Ferbette, talked into her phone.

"Me and Joe traveled into a cartoon!" Vincent said. Joe nodded and gave the peace sign.  

This is it, young Ferb thought. All I need to do is get to Vincent and Joe and they'll help me get back to the past!

"Of course this is my stepbrother, Phineas Flynn's twentieth year anniversary of his death when he died while we made a rollercoaster." the adult Ferb said. The young Ferb moved in the bushes sobbing, how could Phineas die? He moved to the other side of the front yard along the bushes.

"Psst. Vincent." young Ferb whispered when the adult Ferb, Vanessa and Ferbette went inside the house.

"Huh? AHHHH! Who are you!?" Vincent asked.

"Well, it's best if I just tell you I'm a younger version of your father," Ferb said. "I need a time machine."

"Well, you do look like him when he was young, from pictures, well Joe I know what we're gonna do, tomorrow." Vincent turned to young Ferb. "Call me Vince."

"What tomorrow?" young Ferb asked.

"It's almost bed time," Joe said. "Meet us here by 8:05." He and Vincent went inside.

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