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"Time paradox!"

Original Eric

Eric in his teens

Eric Nevis
Eric listening to Daisy talk
Gender: Male
Age: 12
Height: Unknown
Nationality: American
Hometown: Danville
Born: Unknown
Professional Information
  Student on vacation
Friends and Family
Omar Nevis
Erica Navarro
Janett Nevis
Eric Nevis lives in the Danville area, in the neighborhood where Phineas and Ferb live. He is Isabella's neighbor, but does not know either Phineas or Ferb. He is Matt Hoover's best friend, since they have known each other since the 5th grade. He and his friends (mostly him) are always trying to meet Phineas and Ferb.


Eric doesn't wear his Lakefront Boys uniform often, and when he does, it is only seen at Lakefront Boys meetings. He normaly wears a checkered white-and-blue shirt with khaki pants. He has shaggy black hair and brown eyes.


Eric Nevis seems to have a high IQ, but doesn't. He prefers to use only his first name, even in formal occassions. His favorite catchphrase is "Time paradox!" (even though the current situation might have nothing to do with the time-space continuum.) He, instead of constructing things like Phineas and Ferb, loves to reverse engineer.

Family and Friends

His best friend, the character Eric appears the most with, is Matt Hoover. His other secondary best friends are Daisy Hernandez and Didi Martinez-Hernandez. The identity of his parents and if he has any siblings is unknown, as his family almost never appears throughout his adventures. He has a crush on Erica Navarro.


Background Information

  • He is based off on Daisy's close friend, though not completely. Actually, not really. Mayeb not at all.

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