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Part 1: Isabella

Away from Danville,
from Phineas.
To New York City.
Mom says it's
for the best,
but I can't stand to see the look on Phineas's face
when I tell him I'm leaving.
But I'm going to have to do it sometime soon.

I go to his house,
for what will be
He's there, with his teal platypus
and Ferb
calmly chatting away about the
lymphatic system.
A lump
in my throat,
as though it knows
that the words should not
But they will.

I approach them.
Phineas greets me
with a
but I can't return it,
I'm too sad.
I tell him I'm moving to New York,
and his eyes widen
to the size
of dinner plates.

I knew I couldn't take it.

Part 2: Phineas

Isabella's moving.
I can't take it.
Life won't be
the same
with the absence of her cheerfulness.
I found
the Fireside Girls,
who needed to find
a new leader.

They couldn't find anyone with
the same
or willingness.

Isabella leaves early
Saturday morning.
She hands me
a scrapbook,
which I know to be the one
she cured my
She hugs me and says,
"Don't forget me."
I promise her
I won't,
because I won't.

Part 3: Isabella

I left for New York today.
The airport was the same as I remember
when I first went,
and my eyes fill with tears
as I remember
the first time I was here.
I was with Phineas.
I remember the crazy trip
we had,
complete with broken arms.

whimpers, as though
he is being seperated
from the ones he loves,

I board the
which is slightly stuffy
and filled with chattering people.
People free of the sadness I'm feeling.

Part 4: Phineas

I'm lonely.
Of course I have Ferb,
Ferb and Perry,
two out of my three best friends.
But I'm missing a piece of the
Ferb is silent, too,
but that is not much of a shock.
He's always quiet.
We sit around the backyard for remainder of summer,
and when school comes and we get our schedules,
I think of Isabella,
and how we had all our classes together,
her and Ferb and I.
But she's gone.

And I doubt she'll come back.

Part 5: Isabella

I got off the airplane some time later,
where it's early morning again in NYC.
It's almost time for
school, and I
think about what I've heard,
that the schools here are simply named
P.S. and a number,
P.S. for public school.
I don't like being standardized.

I look around my new
which is eerily clean
and not lived in.
I'm haunted by the ghost of my old house,
that was nice and cheerful,
friendly and settled in.
But I don't think I'll settle in here.

Part 6: Phineas

The emptiness has been filled,
but it's not like I like it.
Sure, we have Isabelle,
but she's rotten and mean,
the last person I'd like to look at.
She won't ever really replace Isabella.

But she acts like she has.
She comes over to my house
after school,
and I wish she'd leave me alone
so that I could have a chance to look through the scrapbook without being

Part 7: Isabella

I hate Melanie Meyer.
It's against my way of life
to hate people,
but certainly,
I can make an exception for Melanie.
She's blonde and pretty,
she is friends with everyone she likes,
and she doesn't like me.
And she's quite mean to those
she dislikes.

Part 8: Phineas

I've escaped from the grip of
and managed to get a look
through my scrapbook.
Her mother was an avid photographer.
I relive memories of my past,
carnivals and school years and
I come to the last page
and find
a professional-looking photo of Isabella.
She's quite pretty in the
and I miss her.

Part 9: Isabella

I can't stand it here
in New York.
Mom said it was for
the better,
but I've only gotten worse.
I have rotten
Melanie Meyer in
every class,
and she makes sure I don't find my
so I always get marked down,
and she treats me like I'm an idiot
when I get one question wrong.

I wish she'd leave me alone.

Part 10: Phineas

I've been emailing
and the stories that she tells me about her
new school,
they make me want to punch the people in the face.
Everyone is horrible to her
and she
or high honors,
or academic improvement.
She's just caught in the middle.

I wish I could be there with her.
I surf the internet,
looking for the right
thing to send to her,
and when I find it,
I send it as fast as possible,
because this could possibly make it better.

Not to mention its irony.

Part 11: Isabella

I got an email from Phineas,
with a link to a video in it.
I clicked on the video,
and a song started playing,
and when I listened to the lyrics,
I laughed and
at the same time,
because it was true and

The song was Hey There, Delilah by the Plain White T's.

Part 12: Phineas

Isabelle has gone
too far.
She has dyed her brown hair
and her maroon dresses, bows, and sneakers
To taunt me?
Or to show how good of a
she'd be for Isabella?

She could never replace her.

Part 13: Isabella

I'm moving!
And oh, it's wonderful.
Back to Danville,
to Phineas!
I haven't told Phineas
I want it to be a surprise.

I asked my mom why the sudden
She replied,
"I didn't like it here."

I couldn't agree more.

Part 14: Phineas

It's Saturday, so I'm outside.
But my incentive to build has pretty much
I hear a roar of trucks, and I flash back to when I was two years old,
hearing the rush of moving trucks
and meeting Isabella.
I sink down in my place against the tree
and try to ignore the

But my gate creaks open,
and Isabella walks in,
and it's

But it is true.

Part 15: Isabella Gets the Last Word

I'm back to Danville.
Back to where I belong.
Phineas told me about
and when she came in through the gate
and saw me,
she actually fainted.

I smiled,
and watched as Phineas unrolled blueprints for his next
big idea.

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